Operating Guidelines

Growing Business Through Professional Referrals

(Last Updated 03-31-2022)

Mission Statement:

Formed in March of 2002, the mission of the Business2Business Networking Group (“Networking Group”) is to provide members with a forum to share business referrals, to present information about their respective industries and share techniques for the development of our respective careers.

Objectives are to be Intentional:

  • to provide a professional setting to exchange business referrals and leads
  • to provide a forum to share techniques to improve our personal levels of performance
  • to provide market information regarding each member’s specific industry
  • to develop trusted business associates
  • to enhance our business opportunities
  • to develop new friends and have fun

Membership Qualifications:

Members must be active in a business-to-business industry and place a high value on the participation in our group as a means to enhance their business opportunities. There will be no conflict of interest in the services represented by the group’s membership. In the case of members with multiple services, such members must select one service to represent at the group. Direct personal marketing to the membership is not encouraged.

The group will measure the personal involvement and attendance at regular meetings of every active member. Any active member who fails to attend the meetings as defined below, shall, at a majority vote of the group by email, be notified in writing and their membership will be terminated. A member is considered excused if the member contacts a board member regarding the meeting before the meeting starts.

Membership Fees:

There is an initial $50.00 fee to join and then semi-annual fees for membership at $55.00 per 6 months, payable on January 1 and July 1 for the following 6 months ($55.00). Fees must be paid the first Meeting of January and July of each year and your check should be made payable to: B2B Networking (Business-to-Business Networking is good too). New members pay a pro-rated fee up to the next semi-annual dues period. All fees paid are non-refundable. Non-payment of fees and/or a lack of attendance will result in discontinued membership.

Membership Principals & Guidelines:

It is the duty of each member of the group to intentionally practice the following:

  1. Possess and maintain high standards of practice and abide by these guidelines and meeting procedures.
  2. Arrive at meetings on time and be prepared.
  3. Share referrals (warm or cold) that resulted from prospecting, business activity or through working with clients, family, and friends.
  4. Share success stories, or feedback on what happened with a referral from a group member.
  5. ATTEND MEETINGS REGULARLY. Members who miss 3 consecutive meetings or more than 50% of the meeting within a 6-month period, are subject to:
    1. having their presentation slot moved to the bottom of the list of presenters to the group and
    2. replacement in the group as per the Decision Making section.
  6. Be prepared for each weekly meeting as a presenter or focus topic facilitator when assigned to do so.

Membership Development Process:

The development of your success in this group most likely will follow a process. The steps of the process are:

Commitment – be at each meeting to learn, share and be noticed by fellow members

Participation – be active on a committee or support role for continued success of the group

Develop Trust – participation in the above two items will lead to the development of trust which is important to fellow members who share referrals

Relationships – the more members trust you and you show signs of active involvement in the development of yourself and the group, the higher the probability you will find new relationships develop

Referrals – members have stated repeatedly they prefer to know they can “trust” someone before sharing a referral or introduction, as it will be a reflection of themselves to the referred person

Meeting Procedures:

  1. Meetings will be held weekly and will be no more than one hour long.
  2. The Meeting Facilitator will open the meeting by reading the Mission Statement.
  3. Each member will present a 30 second commercial introducing themselves, what they do and explain what makes a good referral.
  4. Each meeting will contain an Industry Presentation by a member, or a Focus Topic discussion per the agenda.
  5. Focus Topic presenter is to provide topic in advance to include it on the Agenda.
  6. Cell phones should be in silent mode during the meeting.
  7. Membership rosters will be updated monthly and distributed electronically to current paid members only.
  8. Referrals will be shared after the meeting is adjourned, or during the week via direct contact or emails with fellow members.

New Member Procedures:

  1. It is suggested that New Members attend two meetings before submitting a membership application.
  2. The New Member prospect has the option to submit an application for membership. After submission, the members will vote on their acceptance to the group by email with a majority vote.
  3. New Members should refer to the group’s website for a copy of the Operating Procedures and list of current members.
  4. New Members, after acceptance, are encouraged to schedule their own one-on-one meetings with current members, to get the know the members.
  5. The group will make the decision to resolve cases of conflicts of business interest representation in the group.


The number and purpose of all special committees shall be formed as needed for the achievement of the objective and purpose of the Networking Group.

Social committee. The social committee shall promote social outings with members and spouses. The social outing may replace the regular weekly meeting.

Web Site:

The membership has a website at www.b2b-mn.com Members may obtain a page on this website for such member’s business by submitting the appropriate information to the web hosting company. The cost of adding a webpage is to be paid directly by the member and will cover the set-up fees and initial posting of the member’s webpage only. Any additional changes to a member’s webpage, after the initial posting, are subject to fees charged by the web hosting company and are to be paid by the member requesting the updates. The cost does not entitle the member to continued posting on the webpage for a specified period of time. The web page, and web site may be discontinued at any time at the sole discretion of the Networking Group or its membership. In the event a member’s membership in the group is discontinued, their associated web page will be removed from the web site.

Group Officers: (01-01-2022)

President – Virg Senescall

Secretary – Neil Roers

Treasurer – Virg Senescall

Decision Making:

Decisions of the Networking Group may be decided by a majority vote of those members in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting or by email.


These operating guidelines may be amended in writing by the Officers, or by the Networking Group at any time. Amended Operating Guidelines will supercede all prior versions of the Operating Guidelines.