Tim Youtz

Tim Youtz

Modern data analysis and visualization tools are creating opportunities for every organization in the world. Our mission is to bring business intelligence solutions to our clients by offering Analytics as a Service. We add value by transforming data into insights.

Our clients operate more efficiently because they spend less time on reporting and know more than their competition. The solutions we build pull together data from multiple systems to provide a single source of truth for business decisions. We automate the intake, analysis, and visualization of all kinds of data to free up time for our clients to do what matters most.

From front end reports to back end database architecture, we act as a trusted advisor on all things data for our clients. Whether you’re struggling with a tangled web of excel sheets, working around a third party database with outdated reporting, or re-evaluating the role that data plays in driving your organization we’d like to hear from you!

Runaway Analytics


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