Alex Farrell

Alex Farrell

  • Alex Farrell is a registered patent attorney and has helped clients from small tech startups to established multinational corporations maximize and protect their intellectual property. With his ability to learn quickly, and his deep understanding of the law, Alex embodies the essential qualities in an intellectual property attorney. He brings in-depth, specialized knowledge in a variety of disciplines when litigating intellectual property disputes.Alex has represented clients across many industries accused of infringement and has been able to resolve these disputes and allow his clients to continue on with their business. He has experience managing multiple ongoing infringement suits across several jurisdictions against numerous unrelated infringers and has successfully litigated in numerous jurisdictions. Alex is admitted to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Examples of Alex’s successes include:

    Patent Matters:

    • Defeated accused infringer’s Inter Partes Review petition in an issued final written decision. Patent holder asserted its patent rights against a long time competitor-infringer and was met with a patent challenge in an attempt to delay litigation. We were able to overcome the patent challenge and clear the case to be litigated.
    • Managed multiple ongoing infringement suits for patent holder across several jurisdictions against numerous unrelated infringers. The patent holder was met with a variety of infringers across multiple jurisdictions. We successful litigated in numerous jurisdictions to achieve settlements for the client.
    • Brought a lawsuit which resulted in accused infringer changing their competing product within 2 months. The longtime competitor-infringer based in Minnesota changed its allegedly infringing machine almost immediately based on our pre-filing demands and negations with opposing counsel.
    • Won a patent infringement jury trial in the Southern District of California to defend an accused patent infringer. All of the asserted claims were invalidated in the jury’s verdict. The Plaintiff was a non-practicing entity and was ultimately defeated following several years of litigation, and a jury trial.

    Trademark Matters:

    • Countered motion for preliminary injunction and settled trademark infringement lawsuit on favorable terms for the client. The client was served with a preliminary injunction that represented an immediate threat to their ongoing business, we were able to efficiently prepare a thorough response that resulted in the matter being settled prior to any judicial decision.
    • Defeated an Opposition in the United States Trademark Trial & Appeal Board brought by a major competitor on behalf of a client that established its use in several countries across Europe and Asia. The client had successfully used its trademark internationally and faced fierce trademark competition once it entered the United States. We were able to clear the way for our client to use its mark in the United States with a favorable decision from the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board.

    Copyright Matters:

    • Successfully dismissed matter based on lack of personal jurisdiction in the Plaintiff’s home venue and settled the case on favorable terms. The client was originally sued in the Plaintiff’s home state, we were able to have the matter dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction while simultaneously negotiating with the Plaintiff based on the merits of the case. This led to a favorable decision for the client.
    • Successfully negotiated on behalf of entities accused of infringement to achieve favorable settlement without litigation.

    Trade Secret Matters:

    • Successfully defended a client accused of misappropriation, and negotiated a settlement on favorable terms. Clients were early institutors of novel medical technology, they were sued by an entity that purchased assets from a defunct related company. We were able to resolve this dispute in an efficient manner and in the best interests of our clients.
    • Initiated counterclaims on behalf medical supply company against a large multinational corporation to conclude a trade secret lawsuit on positive terms for the client. Product distributor sued by alleged trade secret holder in the wake of the deterioration of their business relationship.

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