Brad Lantz

Brad Lantz

Achieve greater focus, make more confident decisions, turn down emotions and gain greater control of your life!

I’m Brad Lantz, a Certified Mind Health Coach, Bibliophile, Proud Husband, Father and Grandfather, Golfer, Veteran and Wine and Food Enthusiast.

I show Clients how to defrag their mind so that the mental software they were born with will run better, faster, calmer to operate at your very best. This allows you to achieve greater focus, health, reduced stress, and greater performance.

My program is called UNSTICKIT – the steps to a clearer mind to optimize your knowledge, skills, abilities, and decision making, to reduce the thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep us stuck. I allow you to realize greater control, predictability, and progress in your life.

I show clients how to turn up or down their emotions in the moment – rather than regretting that time where you lost it. Imagine sleeping better, having more energy, losing that Covid 12 lbs. and handling stress better in the moment.

I also created an online product called Golf’s Mental Game to lower your golf scores and allow you to play more consistently.

I started my career in corporate marketing where I achieved success as a marketing executive with advertising agencies and as a Director of Marketing of a Fortune 500 company.  I led Inner Circle, (CEO/Owner peer groups), where I facilitated meetings and coached over 130 CEOs to grow their businesses on average by 20%. COVID changed my direction, and I became a Certified Mind Health Coach.

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